Social and Environmental Responsibilities

All Hands carpets are handmade with carefully-sourced materials - keeping not just design and beauty
in mind, but also longevity. Beyond the scope of process, design, and materials, Hands is also about
the empowerment of the carpetmaking community. We believe in adopting this holistic approach that
allows discerning customers a most responsible way to experience 'art on the floor'.

Certified sustainable

To emphasise our eco-friendly standards, Hands is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (Environment Management
Standards). accredited. All Hands products are GREENGUARD certified, which is recognised by the LEED
certification program for sustainability.

Compassionately handcrafted

Every Hands is a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) product - where the air quality stays
high. As all our carpets are handmade and machinery is only used as a support tool, the overall carbon
footprint is minimum. We use eco-friendly methods and safe , people-friendly dyes. A fully compliant
effluent treatment plant allows as to refuse sustantial quantities of water for dyeing and agriculture.
Each step of the carpetmaking process is carefully evaluated for the hygiene and safety of our people.

Designed for longevity

We use the finest raw materials which make our carpets last longer. These are sustainable natural
raw materials with minimum impact on the ecosystem. So, when you select a Hands carpet, it isn't
just a reflection of great taste, but of responsibility and thoughtfulness too. A Hands carpet inspires
everlasting warmth and charm, for generations on.

Hands and project mala

Hands has for years now partnered with Project Mala-an action programme dedicated to providing quality education to children in the carpetmaking centres of India. As an advocate of the cause, and through this special programme, Hands directs a part of the proceeds towards sponsoring a year's primary education of underprivileged children from the region.

Many young minds, girls and boys, were recipients of the aid. Under the programme, each child is also entitled to free and regular health check-ups. Hands is pleased to associate with this cause that ensures that the future will always be in safe and able hands.

The carpet of tolerance

In 2019, in celebration of the Year of Tolerance in the UAE, Hands collaborated with the country's Senses Centre for special Needs, a non-profit organisation and the first and only residential care facility for people with severe physical and learning difficulties in the Middle East.

As part of the collaboration the extraordinary children at Senses brought alive the theme on two canvasses, using vibrant colour, unrestrained form, and mixed media.

Their art, reinterpreted by the Hands design team, and inspired by the indigenous Ghaf tree, led to the making of a special hand tufted carpet in fine New Zealand wool: The Carpet of Tolerance.

The process took close to 4 month, and at least 25 diffrent hands were involved in various parts of the process, including designing, dyeing, weaving, backing and finishing. The piece is also characterised by its use of 31 colours is 54 unusual combinations. This unique carpet was showcased at Downtown Design in Dubai.