9 designers, 9 countries. One Love, handcrafted.

A curated collection of ten handmade carpets, an exclusive collaboration of 9 designers from 9 countries in 5 continents.

One Love is more than a collection.

It’s a story.

Of 9 architects and designers from 9 countries, each with unique design philosophies. Of them coming together, inspired by humanity’s unified stand against the sweeping impact of the worldwide pandemic.

It’s the story of a world with no boundaries, where distinct local cultures, unique artistic influences, and individuality come alive as one, all under the eternal, common elements of sky and sea.

And it’s the story of hope, passion and positivity, an extraordinary testament to the human creative spirit and the power of design.

A world without boundaries, where humanity is the only religion, unified by sky and sea
– Padmini

One love is what they named me;
All I understood is; what else can it be!
When there is only one world,
How many loves do we need!!

9 designers, 10 carpets.

The tenth carpet, an iconography of the diversity, resilience and emotion in humanity, is the coming together of the nine hands, rising above common barriers and in harmonious synchrony, shaping a new world – the “One Love World”.

One Love is conceived and curated by architect Padmini Pandey of Atelier Padmini Pandey

The Designers

The forces behind the One Love collection.

A Brighter Future For All

A part of the proceeds from the collection will go to Project Mala, a special programme dedicated to the education of children. The sale of each carpet will sponsor a year in the primary education of one underprivileged child residing in and around the carpet making centres of India.