Antonym: Inspired by the rare beauty of opposites



 Opposites. Since the dawn of time, they have existed in harmony - dark and light, joy and sorrow, strength and vulnerability. Where one ends, the other begins. Distinct entities that are bound by an invisible thread, destined to dance together for eternity.

ANTONYM. The rare beauty of opposites 

Hands ANTONYM is a collection of nine distinct, thought-provoking pieces. Of dialogues between contrasts, in patterns, shapes, and textures. The carpets in this collection are hand tufted with the finest botanical silk and wool. The harmonious presence of the two natural fibres is reflected in the carpets having a luxurious texture and an exquisite, untamed sheen.




Where the lines between form and the formless fade. Dissolving the boundaries of convention, making way for the new.




A transcendent vortex where raw chaos metamorphoses into a vision of artistic splendour. Here,disarray becomes a joyous reinvention.




Born of paradox. Weaving fantasy into a familiar form until two seamlessly become one breathtaking whole.



A lore set in stone - where beauty and strength intertwine. The two primal forces once at odds, now united harmoniously for ages yet to come.



A geometric soliloquy. The distances here contain multitudes waiting to unfold for minds that wander wide and wonder.



An elegant pas de deux of beauty and grace. Here, dualities bloom rather than collide.



Where familiar forms, artfully truncated and tessellated, traverse a dimensional tapestry that seamlessly shifts between order and spontaneity.



A paradoxical realm where certainty finds its place amidst uncertainty. 



A mesmerising bloom untouched by birds or breeze. A visual ode to the simplicity and allure of Mother Nature.




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