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GraphX Carpets Collection

Inspiration Story

Since ancient times, there has been a deep interest in forms that are considered to incorporate within their intrinsic relationships and geometric proportions. Geometry has existed in many design forms across centuries in all traditional civilizations.

All through the history of architecture, geometric shapes and solids have been used. Geometric elements, with help of proportions, make it pleasing to the eye. By advancing the basic geometric shapes the structural capabilities are also enhanced.

In our GraphX collection, the purpose of geometry of design is to reveal visual relationships, that have foundations in the essential qualities such as proportion and growth patterns and to lend insight into the design process and give visual coherence to design through visual structure. Geometry could represent an expression in a space.

Both the hand knotted and hand tufted rugs create bold accents that enhance harmony and allow to bring more meaning into modern interior design. The shapes, forms and patterns are one of the modern interior design trends, hence, it always helps in creating balance and harmonize rooms and add an interesting, fresh touch to home decor.

Going with the GraphX collection not only ensures that your home’s interior design scheme is on-trend but also that it captures the timeless appeal of smooth lines and sophisticated patterns. With geometric rugs, you can increase your home’s style and enjoy more control over design while also giving your rooms a new lease of life.

To give the ultimate shine and softness to our Hand knotted rugs, we have used botanical silk, while the Hand tufted collection has been developed in bamboo silk to provide the rich texture to the rugs.

Style: Fine hand knotted & Hand tuffted carpets in Botanical silk & Bamboo Silk

The GraphX collection of finest quality carpets can be custom made in any size, colour & material of your choice.

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